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ReforM your body.

Reform Your life.

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic, we strive to create healthy, happy, and active bodies by optimising your function, helping you feel great again.

Reforming your body enables you to feel great and perform better

Optimising your function allows you to take control of your physical and mental health, stay active, achieve your goals, and continue doing the things you love.

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic, we understand that every client is unique, so in our initial consultation, we take the time to learn about you, your history, and your lifestyle. Because reforming your body and helping you feel great again is our number one priority, in collaboration with you, we will personalise a treatment program to meet your specific needs and provide the best possible outcomes.

Our professional, supportive team are dedicated to your success, and the care, knowledge and understanding of our patients is at the core of everything we do.

Driven by passion.Guided by values.

We strive to achieve optimal movement and function for our patients every day through our individualised physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, and Clinical Pilates services – without judgment, and regardless of age, ability, or limitations.

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic, our aim is to motivate, support, and inspire our patients to achieve their goals. In turn, our patients inspire us to continue learning, developing, and growing to become better practitioners and people.

We pride ourselves on building genuine, collaborative relationships with our patients based on respect, honesty, integrity, and trust. Because our patients and their health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.

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By identifying the underlying cause of your problem we can then provide you with personalised, evidence-based solutions to reform you to your optimal function.

Benefits will be unique to you and your circumstances, however, can include:

Decreased pain and enhanced movement
Increased joint mobility
Improved muscle strength and flexibility
Improved balance
Re-injury prevention strategies
Learning effective ways to look after your body


We understand that rehabilitating an injury and getting you back to participating in sport is not enough; you need the confidence to compete fully and perform at your best. By using tailored rehabilitation strategies we can help you safely and effectively return to play, and have you performing at your pre-injury level.

Sports physiotherapy involves:

Extensive evaluation and assessment of the injury
Pain relief and facilitation of successful healing in the early stages
A personalised, sports-specific rehabilitation program
Comprehensive Return to Sport plan
Outcome-based approach to help you achieve your goals
Injury prevention and performance enhancement advice

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a functional, targeted, individualised form of exercise that enhances positive movement patterning for optimal function and strength. Suitable for a wide range of people and activity levels, the benefits of Clinical Pilates are extensive.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates may include:

Improved postural awareness and flexibility
Increased muscle strength and tone in your core
Rehabilitation of injuries
Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
Improved breathing strategies
Stress management and mindfulness

We are here to help you feel great again

For a personalised solution to help you feel great again, book an appointment with Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic at a time convenient to you.

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